Entering the Multiverse: Immersive Storytelling, Worldbuilding and Spatial Narratives: Workshop

(2018-08-24) Entering the Multiverse: Immersive Storytelling, Worldbuilding and Spatial Narratives

Entering the multiverse is a hands on storytelling workshop exploring the keys for crafting immersive narratives. Understanding the implications of immersive worldbuilding as a possibility space where discovery is as important as plot. Participants will explore the richness of human interaction as a journey that activates different potentialities or multiverses, experiencing the concepts of human Interface, neo-narrative structures and designing for error.

What is like to step inside stories with our whole bodies? If the body is used as an interface is it used as an element of diversity, interaction or colonization? How do you narrate through emotional story nodes? Entering the multiverse is both a workshop and an experience to discover the transformative spirit of spatial narratives.

The workshop will explore the key elements of immersive storytelling and worldbuilding through gamified open source prototyping, work on the notion of human body as both interface and designed-possibility and experiment with the ideas of user journey and hero's journey in a storyworld by designing emotions as discovery nodes.

This event takes place in English.

The workshop is sold out. (Limited capacity)

August 24, 2018 13:30 - 16:30
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