ScnVir: Virtual Stage: Participatory Creation in Augmented Reality

(2019-08-24) ScnVir: Virtual Stage: Participatory Creation in Augmented Reality

CDS - Chaufferie

Digi Lab

This masterclass will present the different dimensions of the ScnVir research-creation project: a multiplayer simulation application for participatory digital creation. Participants will gain an expanded view of digital creation in augmented reality and a heightened awareness of the consequences of increasing our creative abilities.

This session will also consider the ancient origins of interactor-participation, and how democracy and digital togetherness are intimately linked. It will provide a brief reminder of the human cognitive dimensions involved in mixed realities. It will highlight the challenges and opportunities for multiplayer augmented reality projects and their anchoring in connected Smart Cities. From an ethical point of view, it will highlight the transformative capacity of third spaces in urban and rural areas. More practically, it will dissect the design process and present a general model useful for the start-up of creative digital cultural mediation projects. Tools and technological methods will also be explained. Finally, a practical demonstration of the project will be implemented that everyone will be able to experiment with.

Due to limited capacity this workshop is not included in any of the festival passes.

August 24, 2019 12:00 - 14:00

$15.00 in advance (tx & sc included)


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