Ben Shemie

Ben Shemie (CA)

A/Visions 2
MUTEK 2012, montreal

Monument-National 31/05/2012

The SUUNS frontman and classical composer came to MUTEK in 2008 accompanied with a string orchestra, all the while improvising with electronic rhythms. This year, he presents TRANSMISSION 1, a piece composed for two radio stations. It features spoken French and English and an array of acoustic and electronic instruments. The two parts of TRANSMISSION 1 will be simulcast on CIBL 101.5 FM and CKUT 90.3 FM respectively and the piece can only truly be experienced by tuning in to both FM radios. A unique public performance and a uniquely Montreal experience.


Coeur Des Sciences 29/05/2008

WORLD DEBUT Local jazz musician and classical composer Ben Shemie has never been one to stick to the rigid confines of any one musical genre or philosophy. Always eager to explore and evolve, Shemie’s wandering ear discovered electronic music, specifically Squarepusher and the seminal Warp Records. Spurred on by a desire to experiment, he set about reconciling his new fascination with his classical background in a live context. Over the last few years the Westmount native has developed and honed his ambitious project, bringing together a live string orchestra (or improvisers) performing his own compositions over electronic beats in an enticing interaction between seemingly disparate genres, cultures and modes of performance. This year the multi-talented Ben Shemie arrives at MUTEK to present “Middle Clouds: Family A, B, C”.

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