Solvent vs Lowfish

Solvent vs Lowfish (CA)

Solvent (Jason Amm) and Lowfish (Gregory De Rocher) are the owners and flagship artists behind Toronto's Suction Records label, founded in 1997. Originally considered part of North America's first wave of IDM labels, Suction has slowly, but surely, established itself as an anomaly on the international electronic music scene with its unique brand of synthesizer pop for purists: Robot Music. Individually, each artist has an impressive résumé of releases on labels such as Morr Music, Ersatz Audio and Ghostly International. Live, these two artists play together as Solvent vs Lowfish - the definitive Suction Records experience, mixing the melodic and complex pop sensibilities of Solvent with the mechanical, floor-filling electro throbbing of Lowfish. The result is a unique combination of precision drum machine electro and emotional electronica that will have you dancing (with tears in your eyes).



Société des arts technologiques [SAT]

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