Espace Réunion 26/03/2016

Who: Multidisciplinary artist and engineer Robert Henke, co-inventor of Ableton Live
Style: Techno, minimalist, rhythmically inventive, sound design
Labels: Chain Reaction, Monolake, Imbalance Computer Music
Latest work: MONOLAKE 5 EP series on ICM
MUTEK performances: 2001, 2003, 2005, 2012, 2014
Next: Surround sound performance at Espace Reunion, Montréal, March 25, 2016

Berlin-based engineer, innovator and artist Robert Henke creates emotionally evocative high tech music and visuals wielding hardware and software of his own invention. Driven by multidisciplinary compulsions, he’s designed mechanical and light-based installation works as well as the ever evolving Lumière project, his audiovisual composition for lasers and sound.

In the mid-90s, Henke cofounded minimalist dubtechno duo MONOLAKE with Gerhard Behles and together created the now-industry-standard Ableton Live software. Originally part of the legendary Chain Reaction family, MONOLAKE has been Henke’s solo concern for more than a decade, pushing the project’s dimensions, sometimes into audiovisual realms, while maintaining his signature balance of cerebral cool with dynamic club vibrations.

This year he began to release a series of 5 singles, to be collected into an album by summer. Described as “cracking techno-funk with crisply dubbed textures and sci-fi synth motifs,” Henke brings this new iteration of MONOLAKE to Montréal for the first time since 2012, and on the heels of his laserific presentation of Lumière at our 15th Anniversary in 2014. His set at AVANT_MUTEK will showcase his precision rhythm and sound in a special surround set up.

Nocturne 2
MUTEK 2012, montreal

Métropolis 01/06/2012

Monolake is the solo musical project of sound designer, software engineer and multi-disciplinary artist Robert Henke. Originally part of the legendary Chain Reaction family, Henke has released his last seven full-lengths of heady, bass-driven leftfield sounds on his own Monolake/Imbalance imprint. Equally indebted to dub and minimal techno, Henke’s robust brew of rhythms frequently toys with the supernatural. Lush, unsettling, and created with Raster Noton-like precision, his sound design is the result of his fertile imagination and computer wizardry combined. Henke has played at MUTEK on many occasions (2005, 2003, 2001). On his last visit, he presented Atom, a masterful collaboration with visual artist Christopher Bauder that featured a large, shimmering matrix of 64 helium-filled balloons. Henke’s performances are always part-technological exploration, part-optimal sound manipulation, total assault of the senses. For this year's conceptual presentation of his latest album, Ghosts, Henke will offer immersive surround sound along with otherworldly real time visuals, created and performed live by dutch audiovisual artist Tarik Barri, with whom Robert Henke collaborates since 2009.


Just for Laughs Museum 02/06/2003



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