Brandt Brauer Frick (DE)


Ces nouveaux venus sont prêts à prendre d’assaut la scène musicale internationale même s’ils ne comptent que deux simples à leur actif. Ce trio allemand est tout à fait le type de diamant brut que MUTEK recherche sans relâche. Brandt Brauer Frick est un des groupes les plus singuliers qui soient avec une présence scénique qui n’est pas sans rappeler Kraftwerk au milieu des années 70. Daniel Brandt, Jan Brauer et Paul Frick utilisent piano, vibraphone, batterie, cuivres et cordes, basse et synthétiseurs analogiques pour créer une forme unique de musique électronique teintée de jazz. Les rythmes organiques de leur simple « Iron Man » et de leur maxi « The Gym » s’inscrivent dans la foulée de leurs collègues de la programmation de MUTEK 2010 Henrik Schwarz et Dixon. Leur visite tombe à point, car Brandt Brauer Frick lanceront en juin leur premier album intitulé « You Make Me Real ».


Nocturne 2
MUTEK 2013, montreal

Métropolis 31/05/2013

Daniel Brandt, Jan Brauer and Paul Frick’s fresh take on classical-accented electronic music can be traced back to a treasure chest of pianos, vibraphones, drums, brass and string instruments, bass and analog synths. With the release of their first album, You Make Me Real, which they debuted in North America, at MUTEK 2010, the band caught international attention for the quality and singularity of its live performances. Following the release of Mr. Machine(2011), Brandt Brauer Frick presented their work at some of the world’s most prestigious venues (Lincoln Center, Centre Pompidou) accompanied by a symphonic orchestra, lending a stately aura to their unique fusion sound, which was described recently by Pitchfork, as like “Kraftwerk in reverse.” Their most recent project, Miami, released in March, finds the group fleshing out a darker, rougher sound. The album features an array of guest vocalists, namely Jamie Liddell, Nina Kravitz, Gudrun Gut and Om’mas Keith – recently nominated for a Grammy for his production work on Frank Ocean’s record. With the release of Miami also comes a new live show wherein the trio takes to the stage alone, sans orchestra, with a set designed specifically for the occasion.

Nocturne 5
MUTEK 2010, montreal

Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] 07/06/2010


New on the scene and ready to make an international splash with just two singles to their name, German live-electronics trio Brandt Brauer Frick is just the kind of hidden gem that MUTEK thrives on. That’s because this trio jumps out of the gates as unique as they come. Recalling the on-stage bureaucratic theatricality of mid-70’s Kraftwerk, Daniel Brandt, Jan Brauer, and Paul Frick whip their prepared pianos, vibraphones, live drums, brass and string instruments, bass, and analogue synthesizers into an awesome combo of spontaneous jazz-inflected electronic music. Last year’s single “Iron Man” and “The Gym” EP deliver organic rhythms that settle not too far from legendary krautrockers such as Can, as well as new German live-electronics groups such as Wareika. And the trio’s stock is about to get a whole lot more valuable later this year, when Brandt Brauer Frick drops their debut album “You Make Me Real” this June.



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