Montag (CA)

The Montag project is Montrealer Antoine Bédard's wink to a character in Truffaut's Fahrenheit 451. Under this alias, he attempts, via a cinematic regard, to confer a human dimension to electronic music. He achieves this through melodic compositions that mix analogue synthesizers, xylophone, percussion, organ, and other acoustic instruments ‚Äì all digitally treated. Montag's compositions are charming musical translations of memories he would like to share.

Expérience 4
MUTEK 2011, montreal

Place de la paix 04/06/2011

Since 2002, Montag (aka Antoine Bédard) has released three albums and countless remixes, and has performed concerts on three continents. Composer and sound conceptualist, he works regularly for theatre companies across the country, as well as dance, television, and film companies. In 2010, he directed the soundtrack for the Modern Montreal audio-guide, which relates the history of modern architecture in Montreal’s downtown. As a result of this initiative by architect Sophie Mankowski he began exploring the connections between musical and architectural language. In November 2010, he began researching the matter further during an artistic residency at the Banff Centre (Alberta), and this marked the beginnings of Mutations, a sound walk by ten composers from the Montreal music scene that will be presented as part of OFFTA and in collaboration with MUTEK.


Just for Laughs Museum 30/05/2003

Beatport Top 10

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