Jon Hopkins

Jon Hopkins (UK)

Opulente, cinématographique et d’une tonalité séduisante, la musique du londonien Jon Hopkins rappelle à la fois les ambiances éthérées de Brian Eno et les rythmes sombres et feutrés de Boards of Canada. Pianiste et compositeur, Hopkins est un autodidacte du studio maison moderne et a lancé son premier album « Opalescent » en 2001. Deux autres ont suivi, dont son plus récent, « Insides » (2008), lui a valu d’attirer l’attention des experts du domaine, puis de signer un contrat avec l’importante étiquette indépendante Domino Records. Fait exceptionnel dans le monde des compositeurs électroniques, Hopkins a un talent indéniable pour insuffler un aspect émotif à ses compositions, des pièces qui transcendent et émeuvent, à un point tel que Coldplay a utilisé sa pièce « Light Through the Veins » pour clore leur album de 2008, « Viva La Vida ». Hopkins a par la suite passé six mois en tournée avec le groupe rock.

Nocturne 3
MUTEK 2013, montreal

Red Bull Music Academy Stage [SAT] Society for Arts and Technology 01/06/2013

Striking for its evocations of the silver screen – whether through the emotional narratives his compositions arouse, or the actual soaring soundtracks he produces – cinema is a constant influence on Hopkins’ output. While behind the very real, Monsters soundtrack, which secured him a nomination for an Ivor Novello Award, Insides, his 2008 solo album, unfolds as a succession of staged sequences for the mind’s eye. Some of these scenes are ethereal, others more somber, but all transport us to another, vivid realm. This rich, textured sound has helped Hopkins draw the attention of renowned composers and players such as Brian Eno. His latest projects find him in close collaboration with Scottish singer-songwriter King Creosote, opening another dimension to Hopkins’ craft, here more focused on folk and indie rock. Jon Hopkins became one of the breakout acts of MUTEK 2010 and he left Barcelona festivalgoers just as awestruck at MUTEK.ES in February. He returns to Montreal with a new show in tow, timed with the June release of his latest record on Domino.

Nocturne 2
MUTEK 2010, montreal

Métropolis 04/06/2010


Opulent, cinematic, and seductively moody, the music of London’s Jon Hopkins combines the ethereal scales of Brian Eno’s ambient adventures with dark, cushioned rhythms reminiscent of Boards of Canada. A composer and pianist who taught himself the tricks of the contemporary home studio, he released his first album, “Opalescent”, in 2001, and has since released two more, the latest being 2008’s “Insides”. That album elevated Hopkins’ status among the electronic cognoscenti, eventually earning him a place on major indie label Domino Records. A rarity among modern electronic composers, Hopkins has an uncanny ability to locate and fully develop the emotional core of his composition, lending his work a transcendental and often moving feel. Such is the pull of Hopkins’ music that Coldplay used his track “Light Through the Veins” to bookend their 2008 album “Viva La Vida”, and the British composer went on to spend six months with the band on the road.



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