Piknic 1
MUTEK 2010, montreal

Parc Jean-Drapeau


First appearing back in 2000 on Swedish tech-house label Maskros, Minilogue’s Marcus Henriksson and Sebastian Mullaert have in the past decade risen from a regional footnote to central players on the international electronic music circuit. In that time, the duo has amassed a discography of a few dozen EPs and the highly regarded 2008 double-album “Animals”, which showcased the pair’s talents at upbeat techno minimalism with a headier edge, as well as atmospheric ambient soundscapes with only an echo of techno’s flare. Their version of the genre often lands somewhere in between, coming alive in the minor details – bells, pianos, wind chimes – that spurt and hiccup across a bed of padded, undulating rhythms, and their tracks freely escalate with subtle refinement toward an elusive climax. But with Minilogue, the fun is in the journey. It’s a distinctive sound that has caught the ears and admiration of many of electronic music’s heavyweight labels, including Cocoon Recordings, Wagon Repair, Mule Electronic, and Traum Schallplatten.


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