Citofono (CA)

MUTEK 2014, montreal

Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal (MAC) - Main Room

Citofono’s spacey, robotic sounds travel across a sci-fi landscape of neon geometric shapes, stirring up krautrock and kosmische as they go. Montréal’s Nicolas Dion, Jean-Michel Gadoua and Pascal Gauthier combine their talents as Citofono to make psychedelic electronic music out of an array of synthesizers, various instruments and other machines. Formerly known as Intercom, the trio has played Montréal’s MUTEK, Suoni per il Popolo and MEG festivals and shared the stage with Eats Tapes, Dat Politics, Martin Rev, AUN, Hobo Cubes, Femminielli, and other artists who experiment in the realm between electronic music and experimental rock and pop. After several cassette, CD and online-only releases on Montréal underground-sounds label Le Son 666, Citofono released the album Gyrophare / Myocarde / Spyrographe / Pythagore in late 2013, an epic psych-poem of melodic pleasures and dissonant noise.

Expérience 3
MUTEK 2010, montreal


Formerly known as Intercom, Citofono is an odyssey of synth-driven kosmische musik in the traditions of Cluster, Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream and La Düsseldorf to name a few. While previous outings of the trio saw them exploring leftfield electronics and psychedelic noise, this incarnation focuses on synthesizer textures, melodies and simple rhythms, with little concern for current electronic music trends. Band members are Pascal Gauthier, Jean-Michel Gadoua and Nicolas Dion.



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