Des cailloux et du carbone

Des cailloux et du carbone (CA)


Just for Laughs Museum

This solo project from Marcello Marandola, a Montreal-based musician and one-half of 'data-folk' duo Cian Ethrie, subscribes to a niche of experimentations and playful escapades associated with Natacha's Recordings. So, when Marandola claims that his music is of the 'house' variety, do not misinterpret him! Actual household field recordings are incorporated into his sound; it's an 'bedroom' brand of music that he concocts in the comforts of his own abode. His compositions are undeniably intimate, infused by sounds that we may hear everyday. Powered by melancholic tones and subtle jolts, with a layering of accidental fractures that fittingly disrupt the sonorous continuum, the compositions from des cailloux et du carbone are unfaltering in their quest to invade your memory with dissected and detailed repetitions, simultaneously evoking nostalgic images. On stage, the traditional house music influences may increasingly appear as the overall sound oscillates between the scattered and the rhythmic.



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