Repair + Dawn (CA)

Basement synth programmers, Matt and Mark Thibideau started developing their sound in the late '80s. Evolving from the days of industrial music, their sound changed into new genres. They parted ways to work on their own projects as Altitude (Matt) and Crave (Mark). Reuniting in 2001, their first collaboration, a marriage of minimalism and deep house, was released on Sub-Static Records (Germany). In performances, Repair balances soothing vocals with intricate synth programming, using hardware samplers, analog synthesizers, modulated percussion and live manipulation. After many live performances, they have fine-tuned their sound and started to work with Dawn Lewis, whose vocals add structure to the minimalism they have created.



Métropolis 31/05/2002


  • V-Wreck
  • Holding Back Fears EP
  • Forgive & Forget
  • Convenient Arrangements
  • Still Standing Severely Damaged
  • Lines Drawn
  • Radio Talk
  • Newfound Urban Calm + Remix Album
  • So Lovely
  • Upload Select Remix
  • On And On...
  • Microfunk Klickhouse
  • Oper 3000 Compilation 01
  • Fabric 20
  • Collectors Series Pt. 1 - Popular Songs
  • Thoughtless Times V.1
  • Japanease - A 120 Track Electronic Dance Music Project For Japan
  • Obsolete Components Vol.1
  • Thoughtless ERA ONE
  • Stoned - Volume Four

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