Jay Hunsberger

Jay Hunsberger (CA)

Hailing from the wastelands of Kitchener, Jay has been playing his unique blend of minimal electronics for eight years. As a DJ, he is always challenging his audience with his unique and experimental approach to mixing. Jay has made his mark in the past with various releases on Mike Shannon's Cynosure imprint as one of the Sunaj Assassins. His latest work is featured on Jeff Milligan's Revolver Canada Imprint, Kneecapped, a prelude to the full-length album that is scheduled for release later next year. In his production works, Jay utilizes his own vocals as a primary sample source, synthesizing his speech into percussion, strings and bass that are pushed to a point where that the sample source is unrecognizable.


Station C 19/11/2005


Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] 02/06/2002

Beatport Top 10

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