Safety Scissors

Safety Scissors (US)

SAFETY SCISSORS is a member of the new San Francisco scene. He has previously recorded on the Context label and has other works in progress, Force Tracks in particular.

Funambus STM
MUTEK 2010, montreal

Place de la paix

 Safety Scissors is Matthew Patterson Curry , a minimal techno artist born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He moved to the San Francisco Bay Area for a short while in order to attend San Francisco Art Institute. Curry then decided to focus more on music and eventually joined "Belief Systems/Context Records" where he began working with Kit Clayton, Sutekh, and Twerk. Curry also performs with Seth Horvitz (aka Sutekh) under the name Moron. In 2000, he moved to Berlin.

Curry has released three full length albums, Parts Water in 2001, Tainted Lunch (released on Stefan Behnke's ~scape label) in 2005, and Pigeon Funk Presents!!! with Sutekh.


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