Pantha du Prince & the Bell Laboratory

Pantha du Prince & the Bell Laboratory (DE/NO)

[DEBUT CANADIENSE] Junto con muchos otros prouctores en el cartel de MUTEK este año, Pantha du Prince (aka Hendrik Weber) –originario de Hamburgo– llega a los escenarios acompañado de un envidiable éxito internacional a sus espaldas, luego de que lanzara su segundo álbum, This Bliss. Su particular estilo de minimal tecno se puede distinguir por el aguda sentido de refinamiento, la ornamentación, la atmósfera y algunas veces hasta una especie de elegancia casi gótica, cualiades que Weber parce tener más desarrolladas que muchos muchos otros productores. Aunque participa en varios proyectos alternos (Glühen 4, Panthel), Weber es un productor que prefiere la calidad por encima de la cantidad. Después de editar su primer sencillo en 2002 no volvió a lanzar nada hasta el 2004 con su álbum debut Diamond Daze. Su reputación ha descansado, sin embargo, en un intermitente trabajo que se ha venido dosificando desde 2005; dos sencillos, un remix a Depeche Mode y el singular This Bliss.

A/Visions 5
MUTEK 2013, montreal

Maison symphonique 02/06/2013

One of the trailblazers of modern microhouse and minimal techno, Germany’s Pantha du Prince (Hendrik Weber) has been conjuring sublimely moody and elegant underworlds since the release of his first EP, Nowhere, back in 2002. Known for infusing his electronic universe with a broad range of classical and percussive elements, Weber layers his melancholy compositions atop shimmery acoustics and warm symphonic elements. Mystical chimes and bell fragments course through his ethereal body of work, not least of which being his masterful third album, Black Noise (2010). His latest undertaking, a sweeping symphony for electronics, percussion and a three-tonne, 50-bell carillon, was conceived with the Bell Laboratory – a Norwegian collective of carillon and percussion players. It serves as the logical extension to Weber’s longstanding sonic fascinations. Culminating in the release of Elements of Light on Rough Trade earlier this year, this slow-building project juxtaposes ominous church-bound textures with synth glimmers and gentle techno throbs, reminding us that the technological and organic ends of the spectrum are full of untapped creative potential. After performing solo at a MUTEK Nocturne in 2007, Weber returns with the Bell Laboratory for the Canadian premiere of their ambitious endeavour, bound to showcase the Maison symphonique de Montréal’s acoustic splendour.



Métropolis 03/06/2007

[CANADIAN DEBUT]Along with several other producers in this year's line-up, Hamburg's Pantha du Prince (aka Hendrik Weber) arrives at this year's MUTEK on the back of enviable international hype for his second album, This Bliss. And once again, the attention is warranted. Weber's brand of minimal techno is often distinguished by its sense of refinement, an ornate, moody, sometimes gothic elegance most other techno artists forego. Though he maintains several side projects (Glühen 4, Panthel), Weber is a producer who opts for quality over quantity. He released his first single in 2002 and did not return again till 2004 when his debut album, Diamond Daze, was issued. The bulk of his remarkable reputation rests on a streak of work that has filtered out since 2005: two singles, a Depeche Mode remix, and the singular This Bliss.



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