Camp (CA)

David Turgeon, founder of the No Type label, is dedicated to multiple musical explorations within numerous genres: improvisation, electronica, noise and musique actuelle. Under the name Camp, he seeks 'new approaches to sound organization, delving into techniques such as improvisational architecture and vague composition, devising a well defined framework of ethics concerning appropriation and a kind of filter for politics in arts along the way.'


Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] 31/05/2002


  • It's The Same Thing Over And Over! / Why Don't You Try Some Vocal House?
  • Féministe
  • Wear
  • Numérique
  • Can't Tell
  • Is For Lovers
  • Doubts
  • Full Martyr Status Remixed
  • Tempt
  • Alienation Presents: International Compilation CDr_3

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