Christof Migone

Christof Migone (CA)

Multidisciplinary artist, writer, and reluctant esthete, Christof Migone focuses on the sounds hidden in minutiae. A conceptual sound artist, his work and research delve into language, voice, bodies, psychopathology, performance, video, intimacy, complicity, and endurance. He's revealed a particular interest in those ordinary, forgettable sounds that emanate from our bodies: cracking cartilage in ‘Crackers', farts in ‘South Winds' and more recently, the rustling of dandruff. Naturally, all of this is treated with the utmost seriousness. Migone often allies installation and performance, making light of references. Digitally triturated sound recordings are at the core of his performances, which recall the work of artists such as Steve Roden, Brandon Labelle, Alexandre St-Onge, Ryoji Ikeda, and Toshiya Tsunoda. He is a member of Set Fire To Flames, records as Undo with Alexandre St-Onge, and collaborates with Fly Pan Am.


Ex-Centris 28/05/2003



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