Sutekh (US)

Seth Horvitz is an interdisciplinary artist,musician, and designer whose work revolves around the perception of sound and the idiosyncratic behavior of machines. Most known for his extensive work as Sutekh, he has produced and performed "paradoxical techno" since the mid-1990s for dozens of record labels including Creaked (Switzerland), The Leaf Label (UK), Soul Jazz Records (UK), Orthlorng Musork (USA), Force Inc./Mille Plateaux (Germany), and his own Context Free Media. He is also one half of the spastic dance-theater-self-help duo Pigeon Funk with Joshua Kit Clayton.  Though he began his musical adventures as a self-taught misuser of electronics, in recent years he has gravitated towards a more studied approach. Inspired by the work of James Tenney, György Ligeti, Charlemagne Palestine, and Conlon Nancarrow, "Eight Studies for Automatic Piano" - which he'll present at MUTEK 2011 - makes use of simple, computer-aided compositional processes to test the limits of human perception and machine precision. Using simple, "hand-made" algorithmic processes, each piece makes a connection between the aural and visual patterns generated by the instrument. 


Jean-Drapeau Park 03/06/2007

Fans of electronic music will no doubt remember Sutekh from the late-nineties wave of American producers (Kit Clayton, Twerk, Safety Scissors) who helped put San Francisco on the map as an unlikely but completely welcome outpost for European highbrow techno. Of this group, Sutekh (aka Seth Horvitz) counted among the most notable. In 1995, Horvitz founded the Context label that would go on to serve as a stepping-stone for the entire community. His debut album came out in 1998 and, in 2000, Horvitz issued his second and most high-profile album, Periods Make Sense, which catapulted him toward international notoriety. After 2002's Incest, a live album, Sutekh shifted gears and turned his attention to remix work. In 2005, those remixes were collected on a double-disc package, Born Again: Collected Remixes 1999-2005 (Leaf). Ever since, Seth Horvitz has been undergoing a creative renaissance, pushing his career in new and refreshing directions with a string of sought-after singles and remixes on some of the world's most prestigious imprints.


Cafe Campus 10/06/2000


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