Algorithm (CA)

JEFF MILLIGAN hails from Toronto. To the quality of his work as a DJ, he brings a profound knowledge of sound engineering and a marked aversion to mercantilism and stagnation. The quality and style of his DJing and his enlightened choices of music have attracted the attention of talented German minimalists Monolake and Thomas Brinkmann, and have Milligan traveling more and more often in order to spread the magic, which emanates from his performances.


Métropolis 01/06/2003


  • Untitled
  • Delgado
  • The Forcelab Edition (Composure Mixed By Algorithm)
  • Re'Processed - Interkontinentale Remixe
  • Tools & Techniques EP
  • Ghetto House
  • Sonìcity - Architetti Del Suono : Compositori Del Luogo. Corviale
  • Infiltrate 4.0
  • MixMedia Volume One
  • Bollwerk - The Nightclubs Vol. 6

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