Cal Crawford (CA)

Halifax native Cal Crawford explores the sonic worlds of digital sound collage with his Speech.fake project. The Montréal-based composer's compositions contain their fair share of surprises, jumping without warning from strict ultra-minimalism to brutal onslaughts of noise. With his cohort Simon Brown, Crawford runs Impulse to Injury, a small label of CDR and cassette releases geared to promoting sound art and noise from Montreal.


Just for Laughs Museum 01/06/2003


  • Colorless In Small Amounts
  • Every So Often Or Traces Thereof
  • Sitting On Theories On The Frontier On Extension
  • Flume.Ridge.Halifax.Lisbon
  • L'Orchestre De Granulation
  • Andrei Tarkovsky - Another Kind Of Language
  • Compositions Using Field Recordings 2
  • 60" Somewhere / 60" Somewhere Else
  • No Type Sampler 2003
  • Eld Rich Palmer Off-Line

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