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Hotel Opus 30/05/2007

A huge fan of electronic music, a noted DJ in the Quebec City region and the programmer of Quebec City Summer Festival’s electronic music section, Manuel Paradis has been part of the provincial capital’s electro scene for years. He makes his own music as Okokok, a moniker inspired by a graffiti tag he once saw in Boston. His interest in techno and other electronic music genres dates to 1995, when he attended his first rave, an event called Wonderland. Paradis describes his sound as “constantly evolving.” His début, Getting Out of Bed Is Agony, on Net label sauvegard.ca, was more pastoral, infused with a childlike vision. The follow-up, All Feet Off the Ground at the Same Time, was deliberately more atmospheric, with a heavy reliance on glitch. Paradis’ goal as Okokok is to draw listeners into an ecstatic realm, via repetitive sonic explorations – hoping to recreate the trance he fell into at that very first rave. In a live setting, Okokok is more beat-reliant, inspired by videogames and the Berlin scene.

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