Millimetrik (CA)

Millimetrik es el proyecto solista de Pascal Asselin de la ciudad de Quebec, más conocido como el baterista de los grupos Below the Sea y Glider. Millimetrik ha venido realizando paisajes musicales brillantes desde que creó este proyecto paralelo en el 2000, utilizando sonidos que van desde el hip hop hasta la música clásica. El ímpetu para actuar de manera independiente fue incitado por su interés en la música ambiente y acústica electrónica. Su sonido y acercamiento de constante desarrollo, incluye colaboraciones con Ulrich Schnauss y el preferido de Montreal, Sixtoo, tiene una manera de expresar sus humores de maneras excepcionalmente hermosas. Ocasionalmente melancólicos, los sonidos de Millimetrik llevan al oyente hacia un viaje de ensueños.

MUTEK 2014, montreal

Salle BWR 01/06/2014

Hands down, Québec City’s don of dreamlike, lo-fi moods and instrumental grooves is Pascal Asselin, best known as Millimetrik. Besides his duties as drummer for stoner rock outfit Les Indiens and multisensory collaborations with other hometown musicians, Asselin’s chief solo undertaking since 2000 finds him malting and mashing delectable musical brews filtered through layers of melancholic hip-hop, sparkling IDM and tempo-thwarted ambient. Save for its stunning cinematic moods and chunky basslines, the ADISQ-nominated Millimetrik project is always evolving in both sound and approach. Lonely Lights, his seventh album slated for a May release, was conceived as an evocative score for a night stroll in an unknown metropolis. With the help of live drums and projections provided by videographer Yannick Nolin, Asselin will take festivalgoers on a vivid voyage through Lonely Lights at EM15.


Métropolis 31/05/2008

Millimetrik is the solo undertaking of Quebec City’s Pascal Asselin, better known as the drummer for Below the Sea and Glider. Millimetrik has been crafting vivid musical soundscapes, taking sounds from hip hop to classical music and all points in between since he created the side project in 2000. The impetus to go it alone was prompted by Asselin's interest in electronic ambient and acoustic music. His constantly evolving sound and approach, including collaborations with Ulrich Schnauss and Montreal producer Sixtoo, has a way of expressing his moods in exceptionally beautiful ways. At times melancholic, Millimetrik’s sounds take the listener on a dreamlike voyage.


Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] 04/06/2004

Millimetrik has several weapons in his artistic arsenal. When he's not playing the drums as part of the post-rock trio Below The Sea, Pascal Asselin is diving headfirst into electronic waters. In all his projects (including the duo Samiland and Glider), we observe an analogous fascination for topographical statements, for the spirit and the vulnerability of the elements, and assumed to be ambient. Coming from diverse sonorous sources prominent in the acoustic genre as well as in the electronic realm, his overarching themes and his rhythm-tainted moods are arranged and modified in a manner producing rich, powerful and often times symphonic music.


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