Apjiw (CA)


Hotel Opus

Since December 2006, Yves Chamberland has been involved with his new project, Apjiw. After 20 years in the shadows as a prolific composer of film scores (e.g., Léa Pool's Lost and Delirious) and music for dance companies including La La La Human Steps, O Vertigo and Marie Chouinard, Chamberland decided he'd had enough of commissioned work. So he took a year off and began composing cinematic ambient electro pieces. His grandmother, of Mi'kmaq heritage, told him that Apjiw means 'always' in her Algonquian language. Always looking to the future, to tomorrow – such is Chamberland's modus operandi (he's fond of saying 'My best song is always the one I have yet to compose'). With Apjiw, he weaves sensitive, ethereal and musically dense pieces, with optimistic melodies overlaying a darker canvas, featuring experimental rhythmic elements and inventive structures.



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