Jamie Lidell

Nocturne 2
MUTEK 2013, montreal

MTELUS 31/05/2013

UK-born, Nashville-based electronic composer Jamie Lidell, has long confounded those looking to peg his sound as either electronic, acoustic or exotic pop – he’s all of those things. Drawing from unsettled soul and throwback funk, only to reinvent these through electrifying performances, Jamie Lidell is a ticking time bomb! Since signing with esteemed British label Warp in 2005 for his second album, Multiply, the singular artist has built up a broad following thanks to his soul-infused electronic beats layered atop falsetto vocals, resulting in an intense and slightly psychedelic sound. His just released, self-titled, fifth album, is his brightest and most feel-good yet. Lidell returns to MUTEK after a memorable festival closer in 2004.


Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] 07/06/2004

1 HOUR FIASCOTo cap off the fifth edition of MUTEK is a performance that's far from the ordinary. Jamie Lidell is a ticking timebomb! A composer on the independent British label Warp, this singular artist (who also performs as part of the group Super_Collider with Christian Vogel) draws from funk and reinvents it by delivering a physical and vocal performance totally unchained and electrifying. If you don't already know Lidell, do not miss this chance to experience a 'one hour fiasco' (a reference to the video maker who will accompany his performance) with the man that could dethrone Prince! Intense and overwhelming-the artist himself warns you: prepare for a deadly finale...



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