MUTEK 2016, montreal

Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal (MAC) - BWR Room

WHO: Santiago-based Uwe Schmidt (aka Señor Coconut, Lassigue Bendthaus, Geez n’ Gosh, Los Sampler’s, Lisa Carbon, Roger Tubesound Ensemble etc. etc.)
STYLE: Strangely funky teutonic takes on techno, inventive ambient, glitch classical, electro-Latin, mechanical pop
LATEST: as No. Inc., G​@​ng5ta (2016), Riding the Void EP (2015), Texturen I (2015), Ground Loop EP (2014)
LABELS: Raster-Noton, Ostgut Ton, Rather Interesting, The Bunker New York
MUTEKs: Barcelona, 2016; Mexico, 2015; Montréal 2005, 2009, 2015; Chile, 2003
MORE: He also performs as Flanger with Burnt Friedmann this year at the festival

Uwe Schmidt is a multiple personality complex. His voluminous resume of artist names and guises has voiced a huge sweep of different musical ideas and concepts. These days, in the interest of identity coherence, he houses most of his varied output under the Atom™ moniker. Fascinated equally with the avant garde and the popular, he also finds the past as inspirational as the future – they are both “alien” imaginaries to draw from – and all of these “clashes” are reflected in his takes on classical, jazz, Latin, electronic dance and other machine musics.

With a career spanning more than 30 years he has witnessed generations of changes in music technology and possibilities, maintaining an unbelievable standard for his own output and creativity. Along with his restless experimental tendencies, he continues to demonstrate his uncommon knowledge of contemporary techno with masterful recent live sets alongside Tobias Freund at MUTEK Montréal and Mexico last year, as well as solo performances around the world.

Excited to captain the intimate sound-space of the BWR downstairs at the MAC, his set will take off from his recent Ground Loop recordings and live performances, which promise an expedition into long-form 4/4 and acid.


Société des arts technologiques [SAT]

A free-ranging and casual exchange with pioneers from the German techno community, featuring UWE SCHMIDT (aka AtomTM, Señor Coconut etc), THOMAS FEHLMANN (The Orb) and TOBIAS FREUND (Pink Elln, nsi, Sieg Uber Die Sonne).

Led by journalist Philip Sherburne (The Wire), this panel will look back over the careers of three producers who each bring at least two decades of experience to the table -- and continue to map new territory. In the context of the music industry's all-pervasive sense of ennui (aka, the never-ending "crisis"), the artists will explore the creation of artistic illusions, the ethics of the marketplace, the necessary evil of "scenes," What's Wrong With Electronic Music Today, and other light-hearted and amusing


Société des arts technologiques [SAT]


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