Anachronic XP

Anachronic XP (CA)



Hotel Opus 30/05/2007

Anachronic XP is four guys from Quebec City: Simon Tessier, alias Stopmotion, Émile Gauthier, alias E1000, Mathieu Lamontagne, alias Arbee and Jean-François Jasmin, alias JFO. Three of them began collaborating in 1999 in a traditional hip-hop vein. The intervening years have seen their style take on a more electro bent, retaining fragments of hip-hop deconstructed and abstracted in the lab to become electronic soundscapes driven by oddball grooves and matched to acoustic instruments including stand-up bass, piano and slide guitar. JFO, who hooked up with the group in 2006, is responsible for Anachronic XP’s acoustic shift. The resulting amalgam often bears comparisons to Ghislain Poirier in his more atmospheric moments, or Pawa Up First in their more electronic ones (our trained ears also hear similarities to Maxime Robin). Anachronic XP’s two EPs, Nervomoteur (2005) and Arbre et Rupture (2007), are fully independent releases, distributed mainly via the Web.



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