Galerie Stratique

Galerie Stratique (CA)

Charles-Émile Beullac aka Galerie Stratique spent much of his formative years learning the violin, flute, trumpet and classical music before turning to synthesizers and sequencers when he was just fourteen, en route to progressively experimenting with electronica and ambient. His first album Nothing Down-To-Earth in 2001, followed by Horrizzzons (published on Quebec City's Statik Distribution) in 2003, both earned substantial critical praise. Capitalizing on this momentum, Beullac is currently working on Foreign Music, a project-album inspired by the Orient that will certainly mark a turning point in his usual style. Sometimes tense, sometimes serene, often mind-numbing but always fascinating, Galerie Stratique's music straddles the line between abstraction and melancholy. With distant, misty melodies, polychromatic psychedelia, and acoustic inventions, Galerie Stratique is perpetually searching for new fields of strange, yet enjoyable music.


Musée Juste pour Rire 03/06/2005

Charles-Émile Beullac, aka Galerie Stratique, est reconnu pour ses pièces d'ambient-pop qui chevauchent la ligne ténue entre l'abstraction et la mélancolie. Nothing Down-to-Earth, son premier album en 2001, très bien reçu par la critique et Horizzzons, paru en 2003 chez Statik Distribution, sont là pour le confirmer. En ce moment, Beullac travaille sur Foreign Music, un album-projet inspiré de l'Orient qui devrait marquer une rupture quant à son style habituel. Enveloppées de mélodies rêveuses aux textures ondoyantes, parfois angoissantes, parfois sereines, toujours fascinantes, les compositions de cet artiste de Québec sont pareilles à un kaléidoscope fantaisiste d'impressions furtives.

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