Ben Nevile (CA)

Canadian producer, composer, programmer and sound engineer, Ben Nevile makes detailed minimal techno drawn from sounds both natural and machine-made: altered bird calls and ocean waves weave around fluid house beats and synth notes of stand-alone styling. Using his own control and composing software, often in tandem with hand-made controllers, Nevile has crafted tracks since 2000 for labels Nordic Trax, Context, and Mozaïc. Early on, Telegraph released his 2001 single Pender Island, featured Nevile on compilation Petid, and followed up with 2003 EP, The Norris Division Sucked and his 2005 debut LP, the pitch-perfect and refined, yet consistently bouyant Joseki. In recent years, Nevile has continued to remix tracks and produce his own for Telegraph and international labels. Nevile first performed at MUTEK in 2002, made a surprise fill-in appearance in 2003, returning in 2007 and now to EM15 with new and classic material that maintains its intelligent edge along the smoothest of grooves. 


Métropolis 01/06/2002


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