Ben Frost A U R O R A live (AU/IS)

PREMIER CANADIENSE Residente de Reikiavik pero de origen australiano, Ben Frost irrumpió en la escena electrónica con la publicación de su asombroso álbum Theory of Machines en Bedroom Community en el 2006. Pero no es aquí donde su viaje musical comenzó. Su LP debut, Steel Wound – 2003 (Room40) fue alabado por los críticos de todas las latitudes por su exploración de la guitarra y dando lugar a un resultado que no obtenía nadie con excepción de Björk. Ben Frost explota completamente los recursos acústicos, únicos en su disposición, fusionando fragmentos electro-acústico viscerales, mínimos con elementos más humanos y más frágiles que son el reflejo perfecto del ambiente singular islandés. Además de sus esfuerzos compositivos, Frost produce su trabajo internacionalmente en varias formas, incluyendo instalaciones galería-basadas, cuentas de película y proyectos contemporáneos de danza la manera de Icelandic Dance Company.

A/Visions 4
MUTEK 2010, montreal

Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] 05/06/2010

A breakthrough act and major highlight of MUTEK 2008, Australia’s Ben Frost has managed in three albums to breed a new and visceral approach to sonic and cinematic experimentalism. His flowing compositions brim with howling wolves and distorted string sections, haunted clavichords and sustained guitar that all add up to fearsome melee that grabs the listener “By the Throat”, as Frost aptly titled his much-admired 2009 album. But Frost’s compositions are by no means uninviting – in fact they’re quite the opposite. The real talent behind Frost’s music comes from his ability induce longing emotion out of bristling source material. He can deliver a tribute to abrasive art-punks Swans – as he did on 2006’s sleeper cult-hit “Theory of Machines”. Currently living in Iceland, Frost also belongs to the Bedroom Community collective of artists, who all share the record label that operates under the same name.


Theatre du Nouveau Monde 30/05/2008

CANADIAN DEBUT Australian born, Reykjavik resident Ben Frost burst into the spotlight with his breathtaking Theory of Machines album released on the Bedroom Community label in 2006. But that isn't where his musical journey began. His debut long-player Steel Wound (2003, Room40) was lauded by critics far and wide for its exploration of the guitar and resulted in a major spot remixing none other than Björk. Ben Frost fully exploits the unique sonic resources at his disposal – blending visceral, minimal and haunting electro-acoustic fragments with more human, fragile elements – perfectly mirroring the singular Icelandic environment. On top of his compositional endeavours, Frost produces his work internationally in various forms including gallery-based installations, film scores and contemporary dance projects for the likes of The Icelandic Dance Company.

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