Günter Müller (CH)



Just for Laughs Museum 04/06/2005

His name doesn't necessarily evoke any recognition, but if you had access to an exhaustive list of his collaborations or the numerous groups he's been a part of, then Günter Müller would appear very familiar. Generous and enthusiastic, he has notably played and recorded with Jim O'Rourke, Christian Marclay, Butch Morris, Otomo Yoshihide, Keith Rowe and even Martin Tétreault to name a few. With Erik M and Voice Crack, he founded Poire_Z. A percussionist before becoming a multi-instrumental musician and producer for the elegant Swiss label For 4 Ears, he creates a truly kinetic sonic environment, amalgamating organic and digital sounds treated with finesse and sensibility, and then ostentatiously steered towards our eardrums in hopes of stimulating our imagination. As a rigorous and versatile improviser, who has rapidly become rather nonconformist, Müller is constantly reinventing his instruments to better modify electronically his sound and react more promptly to any exterior influxes (be it either venue specifications or collaborating artists). In addition, the utilisation of studio recorded sonic material contributes to the perpetual widening of this percussionist's rhythm spectrum. The festival at hand leaves him little room to breathe: along with his solo performance, he'll be enthusiastically joining Diane Labrosse in duo form, presented in this program, as well as with Martin Tétreault in the same venue during the Placard exposition.

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