Jan Zimmermann

Jan Zimmermann (DE)

ZIMBOS LABORThe ongoing project 'Zimbos Labor', initiated in 2004 by Jan Zimmermann, focuses on the experimental exploration of vinyl records and the medium's peculiarities. Within Zimmermann's approach towards the vinyl record, it is of minor importance that it has originally been developed as a mass medium for mechanical reproduction of sound recordings. In contrast, he is interested in its electro-acoustic qualities, clearly distinct from any other recording media, and the musical/performative possibilities it offers to the recording artist to design, shape and manipulate sound. During the full time span of the MUTEK 2006 festival, Jan Zimmermann will set up a recording studio complete with a vinyl-cutting machine in the basement of SAT, which will serve as an experiment station and semi-public performance space. In collaboration with artists present during the festival, he will create and cut a limited amount of vinyls, unique in all respects – singular objects with recordings and sound art pieces developed in spontaneous work sessions.


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