Amon Tobin

Amon Tobin (BR)

It’s no stretch to argue that Ninja Tune standard-bearer Amon Tobin is one of the most visionary artists to emerge from the two-decade history of the venerable UK label. Born in Brazil in the early 70s, Tobin arrived to London in the mid-80s as a teenager and began soaking up a potent mix of hip-hop, out-jazz, dub, and other disparate forms. By the time breakbeat culture had taken over as the sound of the moment in the early 90s, Tobin was trying his hand at producing adventurous drum n’ bass, and by 1995 he had recorded and released his debut album as Cujo. Though influential, Cujo only lasted for one album. By the time Tobin returned in 1997 with Bricolage, he was working under his own name. Bricolage was the beginning of a prolific period in Tobin’s life that turned in some of his best work. 1998’s Permutation, 2000’s Supermodified, and 2002’s Out from Out Where solidified the producer’s reputation as bold innovator of the breakbeat and a voracious listener of all styles of music. By 2005, he had turned his attention to video games with the soundtrack for Chaos Theory: Splinter Cell 3. Meanwhile, 2007’s Foley Room was built around field recordings.

This year, Tobin makes his MUTEK debut in grand style and scale, presenting a larger-than-life world premiere of his new audio-visual project, which has been built around his new album, ISAM. The show will feature a stunning 25′ × 14′ × 8′ multi-dimensional, shape shifting 3-D art installation surrounding Tobin and enveloping him and the audience in a beyond 3-D experience. The performance promises to be a visual onslaught – narrative, subtle and bombastic – using projection mapping, generative/audio reactive real time and pre-rendered elements combined with custom software to control the show. The visual elements will be synched to Tobin’s music to deliver a large-scale next-level HD experience.

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