Anstam (DE)

Very little is known about the deeply anonymous Anstam, other than they have released only three singles of high-voltage industrial dubstep in three years. Emerging from somewhere deep within Berlin’s Hardwax camp, Anstam is apparently a pair of brothers who value quality control more than regular output. Those who have heard the singles – 2007’s “Aeto” and “Brom”; 2009’s “Cree” – liken the duo to the harder edges of the Skam and Rephlex catalogues. But there’s an undeniable rhythmic pulse underlying the music that speaks to dark, claustrophobic clubs. Anstam have also been taken under the wing of Modeselektor, who bring the duo over to North America for a debut performance at MUTEK under the banner of their Modeselektion night.

Nocturne 2: Modeselektion
MUTEK 2011, montreal

Métropolis 03/06/2011


  • Brom
  • Cree
  • Albert / II62
  • Baldwin / Carmichael
  • Dispel Dances
  • FACT Mix 246
  • First Sprout EP
  • Stones And Woods
  • The Remixes: Moderat "Gita / Anstam's Dustified Dance Edit" / Siriusmo “Stinky Wig / Anstam's Bustified Breaks Edit"
  • Bloom (Jamie XX Rework) / Separator (Anstam RMX) / Lotus Flower (SBTRKT RMX)
  • Fuzzy Numbers EP
  • Next 2 Last
  • TKOL RMX 1234567
  • The Cloud Atlas Sextet
  • #040: Wax Treatment Podcast
  • Mindcast Mixtape 08/2013
  • Mute—Rough Trade Shops
  • Then I Disappear
  • #50 Weapons RMX 01-09

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