Nocturne 2
MUTEK 2018, montreal

Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] 24/08/2018

Channeling Detroit techno's futuristic rave funk through the minimalist dub techno sound of Berlin label Basic Channel, Deepchord continues to refine his own immersive character in a multi-layered atmosphere of vintage hardware reverb, delay and electric signal harnessing embedded in drenched 4/4 beats.

From the shores of Lake Michigan, Rod Modell has spent over 25 years and 50 releases evolving his dub-centric excursions in vintage hardware. As a photography art student in the '90s, he submersed himself in the burgeoning Detroit techno scene and formed Deepchord with Mike Schommer. DIY to the core, the duo created a label under the same name to release their onslaught of material and multiple collaborations before Schommer's 2002 departure and Deepchord's transition into a solo project. Modell kept releasing albums before diving back into collaborations with the incredibly heavy Detroit Remixes grooves with Mike Huckaby, to an ongoing prolific partnership with Stephen Hitchell (a.k.a. Soultek) not only as static ambient duo Echospace, producing critical electronic classics The Coldest Season and Liumin, but as epic dimension shifters cv313. Modell's recent alliance with likeminded Greek dub techno producer Fluxion under the moniker Transformations, inspired a live tour and two EPs of hypnotic layered bass in the past year. Deepchord's latest, Auratones, submerges dub under washes of meditative synth, morphing bass and crisp percussion, a darkly beautiful ode to what the future of ambient dub could be.

Deepchord comes to MUTEK in two forms this year: solo and in Great Lakes-inspired ambient dub trio Shorelights. In a new live set, Deepchord draws on the ambient sounds of his latest release and takes us further into its driving and meditative environments.

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