Martin Tétreault vs I8U

Martin Tétreault vs I8U (CA)

Montreal's internationally renowned experimental musician, Martin Tétreault prides himself on originality. Inspired by musique actuelle, his path has been punctuated by various production styles and a jumble of haphazard guests and collaborators he picked up along the way. After years of subjecting turntables to unusual cruelty, today he explores the sound effects and rhythms of audio apparatus (DAT, mini disc, etc.) His encounter with I8U was not fortuitous. I8U's music mesmerizes the listener. The union between I8U's sustained tonal work and Tétreault's attention-grabbing transient sounds creates a soundscape charged with tension. They are two musicians from diverging universes who together produce a music similar to the movement defined by the term 'click n' cuts.'


Ex-Centris 31/05/2001


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