Rocketnumbernine (UK)

East London’s Rocketnumbernine is composed of brothers Tom and Ben Page, who’ve played together in past efforts such as the post-rock band Rothko and who’ve recently found a high-profile fan in Four Tet’s Kieren Hebden. Hebden has gone as far as to produce the duo’s debut release, the epic 13-minute jazz n’ grooves jam “Matthew and Toby”. Of the young band, Hebden says, “I discovered Rocketnumbernine through Steve Reid who was great friends with the drummer from the band, Tom Page, and you can hear Steve’s influence and spirit in this music without doubt.” Soon after, the Page brothers joined For Tet on the road, where, as Hebden recounts, “each night the performances were getting more and more intense and blowing mine and the crowds minds.” At MUTEK, the pair will not only be performing on one of their biggest stages to date, but they will also be dividing their time between their own set and a live on-the-spot improv jam with Four Tet.

Nocturne 4: Beyond the Autobahn
MUTEK 2011, montreal



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