Andres Bucci

Andres Bucci (CL)


Versatile producer and live artist, Andres Bucci has been crafting his sounds since the late 90’s after moving to Berlin where the Chilean native honed his skills in the studio, preferring things all analogue and hardware based, which is still evident up to this very day.

Andres Bucci has a very particular sound, one embedded with grooves filled full of 808’s and 909’s and twisting analogue leads, low end basses and warm spacious pads. This is translated over into his live sets, which have graced some of the best clubs in Berlin such as Panorama Bar, Watergate and Weekend Club as well as international festivals such as Mutek and Synch Festival.

His own productions have found their way onto established labels such as Dinky’s label Horizontal, Cynosure Recordings, Kupei Musika, WMF, Pier Bucci’s label Maruca, Hummingbird and an album with Kate Simko on Traum Music. His music has been well received over the years and he continues to be an integral part of the electronic music scene.


Just for Laughs Museum

Also known by the name Chord, this Chilean resident has worked for many years to promote his production and rightly deserves to be heard outside of the Southern hemisphere. He's already taken part in numerous collaborations, such as: Plan V, which enjoyed unequivocal popular success and contributed to opening up the electro scenes in Argentina and Chile; Detalles with American Kate Simko, presented at the MUTEK.CL festival and considered by American magazine URB as one of the 100 most influential projects of 2004; and more recently Bucci with his brother Pier (aka Mambotur, Skipsapiens, Monne Automne). A close friend of Uwe Schmidt (Atom Heart), whose influence is sometime apparent in his sound, Andres Bucci is presently exploring new terrain in anticipation of his latest releases for the Canadian label Cynosure, headed by Mike Shannon. For his MUTEK presentation, he will be manipulating, laying out, and reconstructing micro-samples en route to a flight of rhythms that is equally inspiring and highly functional.



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