Billy Dalessandro

Billy Dalessandro (US)

Billy Dalessandro, part Swedish, part Italian and 100% Chicagoan, lives in the beautiful province of Québec where they put sauce on fries! A classically trained pianist, and experienced composer scoring music for corporate commercial spots, he is also responsible for a plethora of productions ranging from stripped down techno, bumpy after-hours house to spaced-out downtempo/electronica. First starting on Germany's world-renowned Forcetracks and Force Inc Music Works, Billy's productions can now be found on a variety of classy underground labels such as Soniculture (Kompakt's exclusive Portuguese outlet), Toronto's Thoughtless Music and Chicago's Siteholder Records. Billy's work also appears on a number of compilations and mixes ranging from labels such as Fabric, Ministry of Sound, Universal, Renaissance, Thoughtless and Archipel. Top artists have remixed Dalessandro's material, including the likes of Kompakt label artist, Gui Boratto, and Minus label artist, Gaiser. Billy is also co-owner of Siteholder Records, a Chicago-based label, which is mostly responsible for updating Chicago's "futuristic" approach to electronic music. As a live performer you can catch a glimpse of Billy either serving up renditions of Bach, or dishing out sub-sonic frequencies at a pagan gathering near you!

Nocturne 2: Modeselektion
MUTEK 2011, montreal

MTELUS 03/06/2011

Beatport Top 10

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