Hissy Fit

Hissy Fit (CA)

“Working with sound is like sculpting stone: you’ve got to destroy it a little to get anywhere,” jokes bass music DJ/producer Matthew Hiscock, also known as Hissy Fit. With tracks released on Car Crash Set, Phuturelabs and the new Swing & Skip Records, he’s gotten play on the UK’s RinseFM and KissFM, and received multiple mentions in XLR8R magazine. When not making or spinning tunes, he runs the Make Some Bass blog, which has featured Bok Bok, Ghislain Poirier, Submerse and Resketch, Dubbel Dutch and more. In his remaining spare minute, he writes for Music Think Tank and coordinates the Big Things! music collective.

MUTEK @ Igloofest

Quai Jacques Cartier 08/02/2014

Faisant le pont entre la UK-style bass music, la house et la techno, le montréalais Hissy Fit accumule depuis quelques années les critiques élogieuses provenant de références telles que XLR8R, Exclaim! et CBC Electronic qui saluent la qualité de ses pièces parues sur les labels Hybridity et Swing & Skip, entre autres.

Expérience 3
MUTEK 2011, montreal

Place de la paix 03/06/2011

Beatport Top 10

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