Red Bull Music presents Hors Circuit
MUTEK 2018, montreal

Le Virage

Precariously percussive, deceptively basic and completely earnest, a Skinnybones track threatens to fall apart while pummelling beat into the floor and proudly wearing its heartfelt emotion on its sleeve.

Active musically for more than 20 years, Lo has a penchant for exploration and cross-hatching sounds and genres. Helen of Troy an early project, was characterized by intense investigations into the creative limits of basic instrumentation (exclusive use of a mixer, delay and feedback), and other analog sound sources. During this period he oversaw the managing of Natacha’s, a label and collective dedicated to CD-R releases.
A few years later, Heart & Soul with Jacob Chelkowski saw him tweaking a particular brand of synth-heavy, home-styled techno, with more than a nod and a wink in the direction of Georgio Moroder, Bladerunner and Detroit techno. Since 2009 he’s been part of Montréal's ESL Crew—since evolved into the dancefloor-focused, boundary-pushing Knife & Fork Crew—with DJs and producers BUS, Bowly, BRDN, The Shah and River Lance. Lo adds his own style to the crew's mix of UK garage, grime, funky, techno and dancehall. A prolific self-releasing track maker, Lo recently featured his Sphère Céleste (SKB's Ambiaeton Remix) on the Sphère Céleste Remixes compilation on eclectic experimental Montréal label Jeunesse Cosmiquew, while the first Skinnybones solo EP—released on Lo's label Ski Tracks—throws back to chirping and ricochetting UK funky.

In the open air of the Red Bull Music Virage stage on Sunday afternoon, Skinnybones brings his underground sounds and dubby bass out to party in the light of day.

Nocturne 3: Parallel Spaces
MUTEK 2011, montreal

MTELUS - Savoy

Beatport Top 10

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