Sol del Rio

Sol del Rio (AR)

Sol investigates the interface as visual landscape, spatial-temporal simultaneity and the intersection between nature and technology. It uses different media and software working with sound, video, animation, painting and performance. She mixes and sings his music with videos of own production in real time (Live A / V). The sounds are digitally composed, combining voices, recordings of analog instruments and ambient sound.
In 2011 she was selected by the festival Mutek and made his debut Live A / V in SAT, Montreal, Canada with his work MonsterShine. Since then, she has presented his performance in various museums and festivals such as Panorámica, Telefónica Foundation, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Trimarchi, Usina del Arte, Bellos Jueves, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes,
She was part of the Red Bull Music Academy, Niceto Club, Debruit (FR) as guest of Daleduro. She participated in the sample tribute to The Wall, River Museum with his audiovisual work Aire. She made a live set for Argentina Electrónica, Radio Nacional. She composed vocals for the remix of "Feeling now and then" by Tolga Baklacioglu performed by Violett, released on vinyl by Lebensfreude Records (Berlin).
During 2015 she produced new music with the aim of making an album and new visuals. In 2016 she released his album Resonancia which contains eight tracks produced and mixed by Sol del Rio, mastered by Ismael Pinkler and released by the label Concepto Cero. She made his presentation at the CCK Dome, ArtLab Cycle, Unlock. That same year released two videos that are part of Resonancia and that were featured as well as the album in different press like S !, Diario Clarín; Suplemento NO, Daily Page 12; Magazine 90 + 10 Adidas Networking and Top 5, Rolling Stone Magazine. In parallel produced the audiovisual work Luminar presented at the end of 2016 in Noviembre Electrónico, + CODE, El Cultural San Martin.

MUTEK 2017, buenos-aires

La Cúpula, CCK 22/09/2017

MUTEK 2011, montreal

Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] 05/06/2011


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