Chancha Via Circuito

Chancha Via Circuito (AR)

ZZK artist Chancha Via Circuito (born Pedro Canale) molds local South American rhythms into global artistry. Layers of drums play out like water and earth battling heat – heat brought by Chancha Via Circuito, the "Pig on the Circular Train". Chancha has forged a path from his town outside the urban sprawl of Buenos Aires in the east of Argentina up across the border with Bolivia and into the Northern hemisphere where he’s bringing new fans to native drum traditions.

Since his first release, Chancha has taken cumbia into uncharted territory retrofitting the Latin rhythm for a worldly audience. Obscure backwoods rhythms take on a top shelf lifestyle, mixed and chopped by Chancha. Chancha developed his singular craft playing for crowds at Zizek Club in Buenos Aires and on tour DJing across the US, Canada and Mexico. Chancha Via Circuito arrives at MUTEK this year as part of a special evening showcasing the relationship between Berlin, Montreal, and Buenos Aires as highlighted cities of international design.

MUTEK 2017, buenos-aires

Plaza Seca, CCK 23/09/2017

MUTEK 2011, montreal

Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] 05/06/2011



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