Babe Rainbow

Babe Rainbow (CA)

Babe Rainbow’s gothic futurist take on bass music is set to divert quite a few sets of ears from the scene’s core in London. The Vancouver-based artist has been developing his own special blend of dark atmospherics and disembodied beats that features on his 2010 debut Shaved EP, which appeared on Warp Records.

Nocturne 4: Beyond the Autobahn
MUTEK 2011, montreal

Métropolis 05/06/2011

Beatport Top 10

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  • Screwed
  • Shaved EP
  • Endless Path EP
  • Coin Power
  • Greed Remix EP
  • Music For 1 Piano, 2 Pianos & More Pianos
  • Slow I† Down
  • This New Technology
  • Gone Blind Remixes

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