Daega Sound System (CA)

Years of experimenting with electronic composition and DJing have brought about the formation of brothers Ben and Josh Searles’ production and performance project Daega Sound System. Daega Sound is known for their original dubstep works and heavy dj/live sets full of deep, melodic and dubby sounds, syncopated and driving rhythms and seriously heavy bass. Daega’s live performance creates an ethereal atmosphere unique to themselves that takes you deeper and deeper with every tune into their world where sound and emotion blend and become one. In addition to Daega Sound they also head up their own newly minted label Fathom Recordings. Expect an unrelenting set made up of live versions or their unique released tunes and many fresh tunes that will have their debut at MUTEK.

Nocturne 4: Beyond the Autobahn
MUTEK 2011, montreal

M├ętropolis 05/06/2011


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