Badawi (US)

A veteran of the New York underground bass music scene, Raz Mesinai's Badawi project began at a time when the likes of Muslimgauze and Bill Laswell were the most forward-thinking purveyors of bass music in contemporary music. These days, Raz Mesinai finds his life's work and new music appreciated by an entirely new generation of producers, among them Kode9, Shackleton and DJ Rupture. Born in Jerusalem in 1973 and raised in New York City during the height of the early B-Boy era, Mesinai began experimenting with turntables, drum machines and manipulating cassette tape at the age of ten. Since the early 90's Mesinai has collaborated extensively with such out-jazz legends as John Zorn, Mark Dresser and Elliott Sharp, and his compositions have been performed by such contemporary music luminaries as Maya Beiser and the Kronos Quartet. Raz Mesinai has released over a dozen critically acclaimed albums, starting with his seminal duo Sub Dub in 1992 as well as 1996's Bedouin Sound Clash and culminating with 2007's collaborative album, Unit of Resistance. In addition, In the past two years, he's re-emerged on the bass scene as a respected elder statesman, with new singles on theAgriculture as well as his own imprint, The Index.

Presentation 01: Dub Fiction
MUTEK 2011, montreal

Le Louvre 02/06/2011

Nocturne 1: Machinimations
MUTEK 2011, montreal

MTELUS 02/06/2011



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