Footprintz (CA)

Footprintz are the Montreal based duo formed through the dreamy musical decadence of Adam Hunter and Clarian North, channeling hypnotic euphoria from the constellation Pegasus into kaleidoscopic sunrise floors. Adam, a spontaneously inspired composer, organist, harpsichordist, who’s combined works for choir, orchestra, and deep journeying kpanlogo rhythms, spares no expense in drawing together the necessary strands of soul enhancing song poems. Up-and-coming mad-scientist slash part-time unemployed counterfeiter, Clarian, shunned and despised by his fellow peers and professors for his incoherent musical abominations deemed by tabloid journalists as stunningly unprecedented, continues on his quest to compose. Being the outspoken recluses they are, Adam and Clarian met in the heat of an autumn`s night, deep in the enchanted forests of Montreal by the hands of proscriptive luck.

MUTEK // Piknic 1: Outer House
MUTEK 2011, montreal

Jean-Drapeau Park 04/06/2011

Beatport Top 10

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