Hype Williams

Hype Williams (UK)

Hype Williams is the latest overtly anonymous duo to emerge from the mysterious haze of the European bass underground, although this particular act is not driven by the de-facto UK garage or two-step references of many of their peers. Rather, Hype Williams trade in half-life soul, delivering an extreme lo-fi production that sounds as it was recorded directly onto corroded tape. This distinctly blunted and bare-bones approach to haunting, Sade-like vocals, blends of trip-hop, and only the ghosts of garage has won them droves of heatseeking fans for their nearly impossible to find single and albums. But all that should change as the duo has just signed to Kode9’s Hyperdub Records and should have widely available releases available soon.

Para Nocturne: Psychonautic Surfers
MUTEK 2011, montreal

Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] 03/06/2011


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