Comaduster (CA)

The world debut of Comaduster’s powerful piece “Scrape” somehow evokes comparison to both the stark digital soundscapes of Murcof and the dark elegance of minimal techno masters like Stephan Bodzin or Max Cooper. This highly fluid and unsettling work brings a new name out of obscurity in the Canadian experimental electronic music landscape. Comaduster has spent several years working in the realm of IDM influenced industrial, and as a Bioware sound-designer on award-winning game franchises such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age. His self-released album “Slip Through” (2009) was met with a wave of critical acclaim in the electro-industrial scene, and he has since prepared compilation and remix releases on Dependent Records and Metropolis Records, and Hymen Records. “Scrape” is a bold departure by this artist, exploring new experimental territory but preserving the harrowing melodic tension of Comaduster’s earlier work. The piece’s macro visuals were created wholly from a DSLR camera, macro lens and tube set, used in conjunction with a custom built micro-dolly system.

A/Visions 2: Rapid-eye Dreamers
MUTEK 2011, montreal

Salle Pierre-Mercure 02/06/2011

Beatport Top 10

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