Hrdvsion (CA)

Hrdvsion’s obsession with morphing sounds and musical hardware continues to be the main inspiration for his musical explorations. Growing up in a musical home, with a harpsichord, guitar, an electric piano and a throng of bush band instruments brought Nathan Jonson into the world of Hrdvsion. Easy access to these instruments led to his interest in abusing sound by the age of 8. His remaining formative years included a focused foray into the over-edited, deconstructed sounds of influences such as Squarepusher and Aphex Twin. In his early performing years, Nathan’s chopped and disjointed sounds presented an interesting contrast to the seamless sounds of his brother, Mathew.How, 10 years later, he has begun fusing Techno with experimental music to create something both dance-friendly and adventurous. His music is often about abusing software and hardware to achieve sounds that may not otherwise be possible through 'normal' uses of the equipment. For his first MUTEK appearance, Hrdvsion will be presenting an exclusive set designed around transitions, morphing one sound into another and experimenting with sounds over time, while maintaining an overall musical quality.

Nocturne 2
MUTEK 2010, montreal

Métropolis 04/06/2010

Wagon Repair recording artist Hrdvsion (aka Nathan Jonson) has been involved in Canada’s west-coast electronic-music community for nearly a decade, carving out heady, IDM-infused soundscapes for labels such as Itiswhatitis and his brother Mathew Jonson’s Wagon Repair. Though Mathew may lean more decidedly toward a more traditional techno template, Nathan distinguished himself early on through his interest in experimental rhythmic structures that aligned him closer to the early works of Aphex Twin and the sound of labels like Replex and Planet Mu. Armed with a style that allows him to rework a broad range of musical sounds, Jonson has remixed such acts as Hot Hot Heat, Dominik Eulberg, and Circlesquare. He arrives at MUTEK 2010 in advance of his debut album on Wagon Repair, “Where Did You Just Go?”, which sees him moving his interests away from the experimental fringes and toward the techno mainstream.


Société des arts technologiques [SAT] 01/06/2006

Aussi prometteur que son grand frère Mathew, Hrdvision aka Nathan Jonson est un petit génie de l’électro qui manipule les logiciels de musique depuis son plus jeune âge et a fini par créer sa propre vision (dure) de la musique. Sa démarche découle d’une utilisation pervertie de ses logiciels et de son matériel, les détournant de leurs fonctions initiales pour faire naître des sons improbables. Un travail particulièrement axé sur les transitions et transformations d’un son en un autre; une expérimentation des sonorités sur la durée tout en conservant une certaine musicalité. Il prépare cette année pour MUTEK un numéro exclusif. En live, il retravaille ses EPs, en échantillonnant à partir de son ordinateur et de ses vinyles, et compose avec les possibilités qu’offre leur qualité sonore. Jouant de son matériel d’enregistrement comme d’un instrument, Hrdvision développe un style bien barré et déstructuré qui plaira aux amateurs d’IDM.

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