Martin Tétreault (CA)

Martin Tétreault is an internationally renowned improvisational turntablist with a background in the visual arts. Having left behind his experiments with musical quoting, he currently explores the intrinsic qualities of the record player: motor noises, static, etc. His tools include needles, specially prepared surfaces, and small electronic instruments. Entirely analogue, his bruitist aesthetic allows him to elegantly sidestep the thorny issue of royalties. When he wants a break from making music, Tétreault returns to the visual arts, subjecting books and magazines to all manner of sanding, scraping, and slicing.


Just for Laughs Museum 31/05/2003


  • Snipettes!
  • Callas: La Diva Et Le Vinyle
  • La Nuit Où J'Ai Dit Non
  • Dur Noyau Dur
  • Île Bizarre
  • Four Focuses
  • Particles And Smears
  • Qu'ouïs'je?
  • MXCT
  • Parasites
  • Untitled
  • Des Gestes Défaits
  • Invisible Architecture #1
  • Océan Pour La Suite
  • VOLT-AA (03) Appropriation
  • Tout Le Monde En Place Pour Un Set Américain
  • Le Dernier Disque De Jazz Du XXème Siècle
  • Live (December 2001)
  • Live (July 2002)
  • Live (May 2003)

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